The Top 10 Tribute Bands in the World

Published: 02nd December 2011
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There are a lot of Tribute Bands out there in the world, and most of them are pretty poor. However, there are some that are truly outstanding. First of all, there's an important distinction between a "cover band" and a "tribute band." A cover band often plays selections of songs from lots of different artists. They don't try to actually impersonate the band they are covering, in terms of wardrobe, gear, etc. Tribute Bands, on the other hand, really make an attempt to emulate the band they are covering. When you see any of the bands below, they look and sound almost exactly like what you would see and hear if you were to see them live or listen to them on a record. These bands have really dialed in their performances, their gear, their clothing, and their sound to the point that they are very, very close to the real thing. Of course, you wouldn't actually be fooled, but that said, the bands below really nail the stuff they are playing, and take their status as a tribute band very seriously. When you watch a good tribute band, you get a double whammy of actually enjoying a good band playing songs you know, but you also get the added kick (when the band is good) of watching a sort of high wire act, while the band tries to pull off their imitation. The following bands are the crème de la crème (in no particular order:)

1. Fan Halen (Van Halen)
2. Led Zepagain (Led Zeppelin)
3. Pink Fraud (Pink Floyd)
4. L.A.vation - The World's Greatest Tribute to U2 (U2)
5. BC/DC
6. Gabba (ABBA/The Ramones)
7. Mini Kiss (Kiss)
8. The West End Girls (Pet Shop Boys)
9. The Bootleg Beatles (The Beatles)
10. Bjorn Again (Abba)

Many of these bands start because they are fans of the original band, but there's another component: Being in a good Tribute Band can pay very well. A good tribute band playing a private event can make $5,000 to $10,000 a night. As a result, lots of professional working musicians join tribute bands because it is one of the most convenient ways to keep yourself booked. If you are playing in one of the best tribute bands in Los Angeles, or one of the best tribute bands in the world, the chances are, it can become your day job.

I highly recommend seeing any of these bands. These are highly professional outfits, and they all look and sound the part. Often these bands utilize complex staging devices, lighting, and many of them play to pre-recorded tracks that allow them to include all of the background parts you would hear on an album. This is fairly common even for the real bands, for those of you who don't know. U2, for example, plays with a keyboard player offstage, in addition to playing with pre-recorded tracks. There's just no way to pull of with drums, bass, and guitar, all the stuff that you hear when you see U2 live.

Tribute bands, that is, good tribute bands, are perfect for events, parties, and corporate functions. They are more expensive than your average cover band, but they are considerably less costly than hiring a name act. And, of course, it's actually impossible to hire The Beatles or Led Zepelin to play your birthday party. These bands make their livings playing corporate and private events, and you will find that they are professional and well prepared. Almost all of the bands listed here travel almost anywhere in the world, and are available for exclusive bookings internationally. You can find any of these bands by typing their name into google, and each of these bands has lots and lots of promotional material available on the internet, so you can see what you are going to get ahead of time, before you decide to hire them.

So there you have it. The top 10 tribute bands in the world. Each of these bands are outstanding, and well worth the money. If you hire any of these tribute bands for a private event, you can rest assured that your patrons will not be disappointed. If you can't get the real thing (and most of u2 cannot afford the hundreds of thousands that it would probably cost to hire one of the bands these tribute bands immitate, by all means, hire one of these great tribute bands.

L.A.vation - U2 Tribute Band Los Angeles, U2 Cover Band Los Angeles

Led Zepagain - A Tribute to Led Zepelin

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